“Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else.”  Gloria Steinem

And so it begins.  This is a new venture in the delightful dominion of writing.  I am an author of note, or so I have been told by those who love me.  Woefully, I am not an author of any notoriety or readily recognizable to the world.  I am launching this venue for writing in another effort to toss my hat in the ring, metaphorically speaking that is, of world events.  I have had that metaphorical headpiece in the “Ring” for a while and have not had anyone pick it up, or even so much as spit on it.  Not to worry, hope springs eternal in the fingers typing these words.

I am not a stranger to the Cyberverse.  I publish a blog – http://tlloydreilly.blogspot.com/ and also a website – http://www.freewebs.com/tlloydreilly/.  The website has been literally left in alone for many months, possibly a few years.  These efforts are simply personal ramblings that were to be my grand introduction to the world.  An old friend calls them my “Pity blogs.”  I am writing this blog in order to advance my writing and sharpen my tools.

I am entering new territory in this endeavor.  I have come to the realization that I am, at the very heart of my being a wordologist.  This is not a word or title that may be found in any location but here.  I made it up and I feel no trepidation in doing so. Every other word we use has been made up at one time or another.  My college English professor informed me that if I could use it in a sentence and assign a definition to it, then it is a word.  I have already used it in a sentence and here is your definition;

Wordologist – a person who practices the science and discipline of wordology.

Wordology – the science and discipline of manipulating the written word in a manner advantageous to the practitioner.

Having established the place I wish to toil from, I feel a requisite desire to apprise the reader of the origin of this newfangled field I have just created.  When I was but a wee lad, I would read comic books.  My cousin had a roomful of these tomes and he would allow me the privilege to peruse them.  His motivation was to keep me quiet; my motive was to lose myself in a world that held many wonders.  Lions, and tigers, and bears…

I discovered that in reading these not so simple attempts at literature that it was the words, and not the pictures that fascinated me.  I asked about them and was told that I would have to know the alphabet in order to understand.  So I learned the alphabet and the rest is what has brought us together today.

In my day to day life I am blessed to have many people who love and cherish me as I love and cherish them.  One of the main comments I receive from those who read my pages is that I use too many big words and that they have to have a dictionary nearby in order to understand anything I put out.  My answer to that is…wonderful!

Maintaining the love affair I have with the written word is the most important activity in my life.  The only other activity that brings me this much joy is to look into the eyes of those I love while they are smiling at me.  Combine the two, and surely that must be Spiritual enlightenment.

Having established the source, purpose, and desired outcome of this enterprise, I will offer some ground rules for the reading of this page.  I have a rather intense fondness for alliteration.  I also have a socially conscious mind and strong feelings about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  I will offer commentary on the issues I find attractive, aberrant, anachronistic, appalling, atrocious, or absolutely amiss.  I will offer a page per subject, use an alliterative title, and ask the reader to identify the underlying meaning to my work. I will work my way one letter at a time and not duplicate until I have completed the alphabet song. I will zealously limit my commentary to one thousand words, and leave the reader with a quote to take with them.

Today’s post is a self-evident diatribe, and needs little by way of clarification.  I wish to simply introduce this page and move on to nobler pursuits.  I have an explicit reasoning for the elements of the page.  The quotes are for the reader’s enjoyment.  The alliterative titles are to elicit thought on the ideal or infringement.  The one thousand words come from a recent experience I’ve had with some writing on demand.

I belong, or have belonged to a number of writing lists that hold small contests and elicit reviews from the members of the list.  I recently wrote a story that called for the topic to be “monsters” and the word count could not exceed four hundred.  I wrote a story, metaphoric in nature, but containing the requisite hints at terror and blood.  I received one response lambasting and informing me that I had little talent.  I viewed the profile of the reviewer only to find a teenage girl who in reality was trolling for a boyfriend in cyberspace.  My efforts are not fodder for the intellectually inept, unless that is the topic or theme of the work.  I do not write as a hobby.  I write because I am a writer.

The reviewer chiefly complained that I use too many big words.  My discontent and propensity for mockery coupled with an overactive disdain for those in this world who are impostors, and dilettantes only fuels my resolve to write words that matter.  In that light, I give you the alphabet according to T. Lloyd Reilly.  Peace.