“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” Jesus of Nazareth

There is a feeling in this country that we are on the road to perdition.  One would ask, specifically, as to how it came to be that we find ourselves traveling and circumnavigating that vaunted thoroughfare.  Is there something in our intellect that tells us that surely there is a mendacity being perpetrated on America where it comes to the true nature of life as we know it?  All is not lost and we do not have to “Abandon all hope…” as Dante would have it.  We are not facing the abyss yet we believe that to be so.  How did this spuriousness come to be?  Is there not a champion in the world who will teach us the wonders before us?  Can that same hero not be just a simple soul as opposed to the erratically erudite fancies we find in our homes during the evening broadcast of facts?  How do we avoid the atrophy that is this caustic contemplation?  Perhaps it is in a flight of fancy.  Perhaps it might start out by taking another long look by saying, once upon a time…

Have no fear…Hippie Man is here!  He comes to us from out of a sky teeming with diamonds and rubies and gemstones of a variety to be called legion.  He advocates equality, fairness, life without regret, and universal unconditional love.  He does not have fundraisers and will only talk to newscasters if they forsake their suits and wingtips for tied-died t-shirts, bellbottom pants, large rose colored sunglasses, and bare feet.  He will eat only organic food, and no red meat.  He advocates the ideal that the only flesh that one should eat is that which we capture and kill individually.  Smog will be outlawed and mass transit buses will be replaced with electric powered Volkswagen vans painted with slogans from the Summer of Love.  His partner will have come from the Hog Farm, and his personal hero will be Wavy Gravy.

Planned Parenthood will be elevated to cabinet level and the Rainbow Coalition will replace the Department of Health and Human Services.  The armed forces will send all weapons of a deadly nature to a scrapyard where, as instructed by the prophet Isaiah, “They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.” Said scrapyard employees will be former members of the Welfare Rolls and the prison system.  Wars, when brought upon us, will be fought through the use non-lethal weaponry, and only when necessary for defense of the realm.  We will defend ourselves by not involving the country in the business of any other sovereign nation, and Puerto Rico will become a state.

All heavy manufacturing will be replaced with systems that use Green technology, and any production that produces hazardous material shall also be, upon threat of closure, required to have on-site processes to render said perilous commodities neutral and ecologically destroyed.

Wall street will be renamed the Free Enterprise Expressway and further trading will be conducted in a large open air markets where haggling is mandatory, and most services and necessities required by the public are conducted on a barter system.  Money will cease to exist, and production of cash ceased…permanently.

The land will revert to a hunter/gatherer paradigm with crime being eradicated through the legalization of Marijuana.  All drugs imbibed for the purpose of altering mind and mood shall be organically grown and freely distributed. Violent criminals will be confined to large farms and made to split their time by working in the fields and going to schools.  Non-compliant violent offenders will be locked up twenty three hours a day in domiciles that are self-sustaining and scientifically secure.

All spiritual feelings and beliefs will be accepted and heralded.  Any dogma that teaches exclusion and hatred will be allowed, but only in similar circumstances as those required of non-compliant violent offenders.

Schools shall be palaces and teachers the only aristocracy allowed.  First and foremost the goal of all schools will be to teach the truth and give all students the skills to strive for their dreams.  Education at all levels shall be free.

Government shall consist of every man, woman, and child speaking and collectively deciding the needs of the community. There will be no need for governmental charity as the principle will be ingrained so deep that the necessity of giving a name for helping others will be unnecessary.

Philosophically the country shall adopt the principles of the Founding Fathers as they are written and not for the true meaning at the time of authorship.  All men shall mean all men regardless of what percentage of white blood one might possess.  There are no fractional men, or irrelevant women.  Children shall actually not only be seen, but heard also.

John 13:34 is to be the slogan for the country.  Failure to adhere to this slogan will not be punishable except in the desolation experienced by the individual resisting the mantra.  Belief is a necessary tool for all who wish to render life as we imagine into life as we deserve it. 

So, there is a way out.  We do not have to live our lives based on any rhetoric eschewing the finite, or believe that “the sky is falling” unless we so wish.  The murders, crime, economic, spiritual, and moral dilemmas in the world today are not near as ruinous as it may seem.  In the short time it has taken to author this piece a simple way has been given to change the perspective of anyone not wishing to live in fear of the firmament descending upon our craniums.  Unrealistic as even the least discerning of readers can tell, the aforementioned design can work.  Life is a free-for-all…as long as we, in fact, hold it to be free.