“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

We face yet another major, life changing, destiny defining event in the near future. Once more we are tasked with the duty of selecting the next “Leader of the Free World.” It is a particularly problematical and potentially irksome task for anyone to take on. Given the reality that we are woefully misinformed about the issues and where the candidates stand on these matters, it can be said that the entire process is an exercise in futility. Yet, we must engage in this seemingly useless exercise or face the results of allowing the world to fall into anarchy.

If this were another time or place the idea of anarchism might not necessarily constitute an illogical or outlandish proposition. Unfortunately, this is not the idealistic world that might support such a reality. Most anarchists advocate the discipline from the point of view that the practice of this ideology is the only path to true freedom. We live in the most democratic of countries and freedom is the cause cèlébre of any and all candidates for office in this most “free” country. However, is there veracity to the principle of freedom or? Do the ideals we will be listening to in the next several months actually exist, or are they just snake oil being hawked from the back of a horse drawn wagon?

Exactly how free are we? There are a number of laws on the books that inhibit freedom for the individual. The Patriot Act can be used to deny us what the founding fathers would call “unalienable rights” in the name of National Security. Based on ethnic profiling, we have detained many people who fit the description of being an “undesirable” person. The definition derived for this type of profile leaves no room for intelligent discernment. The same lockstep requirements that have been used to imprison people of color and ethnic origins from the Middle East, detained the famous actor Michael Caine because he fit the description on the screen in front of the security person at an airport where the two time Oscar winner, Knight Commander of the British Empire, septuagenarian white man was attempting to board a plane. Our current president would suffer the same indignity if he were to travel a commercial flight and did not have Secret Service detail with him everywhere he goes.

Further exploration into the concept of freedom reveals a massively disturbing fact. There is more slavery in the world today than at any time in history. An estimated 12 to 27 million persons in the world live some form of existence that could be considered slavery. Indentured service, human trafficking, child prostitution are the terms used today to describe a most disgusting practice. No matter what you call it, the problem is there and the question that begs answering; what are the candidates for the highest elected post in the country going to do about it. The CIA has announced there are 1,000,000 people in America currently living as slaves. Child prostitution is the most prevalent cause of enslavement being perpetrated in this most “free” of countries. How can a person’s decision on who to marry be more important than that? The most candid answer is hidden from us and represents an appalling certainty; because, there is no money to be garnered from the cessation of this heinous act. The 2008 election had a bottom line of close to 6 billion dollars and this one will definitely increase that number by 20-30%. Has there been any thought to taking that same money and using it to fight slavery? 7-8 billion dollars could find the termination of the teenage sex trade and other forms of enslavement. Then, there would be a few more million people who, having been given a second chance at life by a compassionate president enforcing the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America, that might just participate in the election process. They might make choices based on relevant issues and not on whether or not same sex partners should be allowed to do what people all over the world have been doing forever.

Slavery is but one of the societal problems facing the country today that the next president, could possibly delve into, or ignore. It might be nice if a candidate would take stances on our real problems. A good place to start would be slavery, or homelessness, or equal treatment regardless of who you sleep with. Gay marriage is the banner flown in this election, but what of the decades of discrimination and torture endured by people that are not easy to spot? Gay Pride is actually both an extremely patriotic movement, as well as revolutionary. A group of people, not afraid of telling the truth attempting to exercise the rights our founding fathers envisioned for us. The right to assemble and the right to express an opinion openly are our foundational principles and should be practiced.

So he we are, all warm in the glow of the “stuff that America is made of” while ignoring other issues just as important because they do not have a politician who will risk everything to make a point, as President Obama did with his announcement on gay marriage. Who will speak for the fourteen year old runaway who has to perform sex acts for a dry place to sleep and perhaps eat whatever the cheapest takeout her/his pimp will give them. How about scared women and children from other countries who, do not speak the English language and are forced into servitude cleaning American houses and providing domestic services for lazy Americans who wish to save money on the hired help? Who is going to stand up for them? Whoever is elected Democrat, Republican, or Independent needs to do the revolutionary thing. So what’s it going to be, Kakistocratic Knavery or Karmic Kakorrhaphiophobia? Dudes, step up!