“All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” Friedrich Nietzsche

At a time when much of life is subject to scrutiny, as life in America is right now, might it not be germane to look exactly what is being reported and what is being perpetrated.  As the second Tuesday following the first Monday in November approaches we are in the grips of a dilemma of massive proportions.  Who do we choose to be the next Leader of the free world?  The field is small and the choices demonstratively different in both character and commitment.

The main nominees are well known and certainly engaged in noble battle for the right to lead the country.  Well, perhaps “Noble” is a poor word.  Anyone who checks the serious and discerning political pages available might just as well look on the rack at the supermarket designated for tabloid periodicals.  This begs the question:  What in the name of all that is holy and American is going on.

We have been besieged with reports of actions and beliefs in the candidates as deciphered by “journalists” who appear to be more in the business of generating scandal then reporting the news.  We already have a system that is supposedly based on equality. Contrary to this ideal the media does its best “little engine that could” imitation by slogging through and publishing the quagmire of gossip, innuendo, irrational insinuation, and downright fraudulence in an attempt to make it anything but equal.

The largest area in their attempt at inequality is in the total lack of true reporting on who it is we get to vote for.  There are currently four candidates qualified to be on the ballot based on their ability to be approved/disapproved by the Electoral College.  The Green Party and the Libertarian party have the potential to become president.  Does anyone know who they are?

Does anyone know about the rest of the field that have candidates ready to be placed on the ballot?  Did you know that the comedienne/actress Roseanne Bar is running for president?  Where has the discussion and debate on the views of this candidate gone?

The search for effective or, rather, the yearning for a functional government that will take the issues facing the world is a personal problem as well as one for the masses.  The information being disseminated in this election year is a quagmire of falseness, innuendo, and outright contempt.  There is no truth to be ascertained, so why not throw caution to the wind and simply toss a coin to make this decision.

The political system of this, the once greatest nation in the world, has deserted the citizenry and must be reported as being totally ineffectual, and incompetent.  Is not the committed stance of one party to “Deny” the serving president four more years to allow for the possibility of bringing order back to our country?  In the face of an ongoing war, economic difficulties, and denial of basic rights, is this subversion not wrong?  Some would say that the doggedly determined stance of the GOP is at best criminal, and at worst treasonous.

It is criminal in that the blind allegiance to the disruption of the administration is in direct contravention to the sworn duties of the legislative branch of the government.  Congress has the chief duty of making federal laws, and that has grown near impossible due to the grievous disunity of the body to do what the people of this country have elected them to do.  Specifically the crimes are: fraud, theft, perjury, and incitement to riot.

The treason comes from actively seeking the downfall of a serving president in war time.  This would have never happened in WWII, or Korea, or Vietnam.  Yes, there have been protests for all wars.  Legal, organized protests as allowed by law.  Where is the law that allows for a systematic campaign to topple a government?  The hatred for this president and the attacks in the press and on the floor of the congress and senate can definitely be seen as seditious.  Sedition during war time is an offense punishable by death.

Much of the derision in today’s society can also be attributed to a sentiment against other religions, especially Islam, but none with the power, financial and moralistically, then the Fundamental Christian.  They cite the Constitution and platitudes from the founding fathers as justification for the denial of actual Christian values with little regard to whether they are accurate, or even what the founding fathers meant.  There cries for autonomy and uprightness have been sought before, by others seeking to cash in on Jesus to fulfill their agenda:

“As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.” – Adolf Hitler

The method of business conducted by the heralds of moralistic reasoning coupled with the denial of contradictory viewpoints as evil and satanic, make the situation worse.  They endorse, finance, and lend their name to ideals with little or no regard for the actual meaning of that which they claim as sacred.  They have no qualms on reporting their beliefs, even if they have to make them up as they go.

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
George Orwell

Is it not time to take back the power in order to pave a road to the truth?  As stated earlier, these issues we are struggling with are much deeper than who is president.  The current president has many successes in spite of the walls placed in front of him.  The opposition has plenty more inventions based on deception, denigration, and defamation to cloud the sky and murk up the waters.  Perhaps it is time to take action and indeed start a rebellion by denying dishonesty and duplicity in order to replace it with Truth, Justice, and the American way.