The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.”  William Blake

With the “aversion” of the default the government has been threatening America with for the last several weeks it might be sagacious to peer in the looking-glass that is government and bellow at the top of ones lungs in dissent.  There has been a revolution approaching in this country for some time and it is stalled by the actions of a few, and the indolence of the majority. 

That an all-encompassing change in the system of government is apparent in the fact that the congress and the president have staged either a multi-act comedy/tragedy theatrical production, or flagrantly committed a crime.  There is a reasonable expectation, based on history that an unreasonable amount of debate will ensue over any issue brought before government for consideration in the lawmaking realm.  This expectancy has grown over the last twenty years to the point that it is totally believable that lawmaking is inexorably tied to the whims of the extremely wealthy, or the Nielsen ratings war waged by the news media.

And it will never get any better…without help

While a defeatist attitude does not lend itself to the spirit of America, with its lofty ideals and flag-waving rhetoric, there is little empirical evidence to dispel the idea of an impending total system failure.  It seems almost treasonous or ill advised at the least.  Unless, one actually reads the Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence.

Until, that is, one actually reads the law of the land.  In the law of the land, there is relief.  Unfortunately, what has actually occurred over the last five years has culminated in a government not of the people, but of the criminal.  Perhaps, it might be sounder stratagems to allow the organized crime element in America take over.  In those criminal organizations, rules are rule, and every member knows when the answer is no, and the consequences for ignoring directives derived from the rules of said enterprises.

Oh if it were but true of our government today.

We have a system that supposedly sanctions our duly elected officials to exercise some deviation from specific desires of a political paradigm if it would be for the greater good.  We live in a country that is said to hold the rule of majority as sacred, yet we continually bow, and scrape to the ranting’s of the minority.  A minority whose membership ignores legal mandates on their actions in order to further agendas that have been either purchased by the top 1%, or driven by radical right wing misconceptions of what this country should be, all the while displaying a total disregard for the needs of the majority. 

But we’re America!

So say the culprits holding our society hostage.  Yes, it has been held hostage but not in the last couple of weeks.  We have allowed the lofty ideal that is America, to be hijacked by those who wish to pick and choose what laws to follow justifying the behavior by voting to exempt themselves from compliance to edicts that prevent them from acting in their own interest and against that which the people of the United States have elected them for.

And it has been happening for as long as anyone reading this piece can remember.

The need for revolution just might be legitimate.  That has been proven this last week with the proliferation of rallies and protests in Washington these last days.  The “polls” that everyone in government seems to listen to instead of the citizenry has aided in averting the latest “Emergency.”  Quite simply, they discovered they might not get re-elected and continue to reap the rewards of access to podiums with television cameras aimed at them, and rich people stuffing their back pockets with money, which is, thanks to the Supreme Court, totally lawful.

It makes little difference where a person’s political horizons are pointed.  It makes no difference what someone believes unless they have had a chance to gain access to accurate information in the place of that which the news media regurgitates.  Why has it come to be a reality that there are so many former political worker-bees getting rich flopping around all over our television screens like fish in a bucket waiting to be cleaned?  Each with competing opinions that never really address the problems we face.

Why has the health and well-being of America been relegated to those who look at government as a game and not as a call to service?

There is an all-out war being waged by this minority that is targeting those who need our government the most.  “We have to curtail spending” is the battle cry and the curtailing all seems aimed at social services and education.  The education part is easy to understand.  An ignorant electorate will elect based on contrived chaos, and resounding rhetoric absent validity.  What did the elderly do to them that they hate the aged so?

Are entitlement programs really the pariah of society?  Might the over two trillion dollars spent waging wars with the Moslem world have been better used to educate our children, care for the elderly, aid those incapable of aiding themselves.  Why do we not see the gaunt faces of American children with not enough to eat on the television instead of simply allowing the congress to viciously cut spending for SNAP?

So many questions without answers…

Perhaps it is time to really “take back our country.”  Instead of grandiloquence why doesn’t somebody try to intelligently address what needs change?  The taking up of arms was justified in 1776, or at least the country thought.  Today is it not evident that there is too much desire for arms and not enough for reason and intelligence. 

The revolution possibly needed is not one that requires firearms, but one which might necessitate a burning in the hearts of those who actually should wield the instrument of true change…we the people.