“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.” Isaac Asimov

There is a terrible tragedy occurring where it comes to mass shootings, and the struggle to regulate the issuance, sale, or ownership of guns. We have a founding document that mentions the right to bear arms and a population too ignorant, uncaring, selfish, or bigoted to take the time to read the document and see what the factual meaning of that amendment might just be. Yes, there is a right to bear arms in America, and it is also a right to own guns. The function of the Second Amendment was originally written to guarantee, and should nevertheless assure the defense of our country. At the time of its issuance and ratification, the Constitution of the United States of America had just recently defeated the military forces of the “Sun doesn’t set…” country/empire through the well-directed use of regional militia’s. The disarray that was the Continental Army at the time created the situation where the only path to success was through copious use of citizen soldiers fighting in their home regions.

Today “militia” denotes something completely different. This term, in 2015, conjures up visions of groups of bearded guys with American Flags waving over their “compounds” while they drink beer and shoot illegally obtained automatic weapons. Some of them are jokes, some of them are dangerous, and all of them are anything but “well regulated.” Their proliferation in America can be traced to the ineffectiveness and inane governance of the U.S. and state governments it pertains to protecting our citizenry.

Additionally, the misconstruing being perpetrated on the American public by these “they are going to take away our guns” cretins has allowed the development of a culture of fear where it comes to the issue of gun ownership. A famous saying of the gun lobby/idiot states “The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

This is nothing but inane gibberish. There is no evidence that “good guys with guns” have consistently prevented evildoers from doing the dastardly deeds being committed on nearly a daily basis. The FBI keeps records on shootings and has never reported on random armed citizen gunmen/women being an effective deterrent of anything criminally based. There are many incidences of armed citizens stopping shooting on the internet and there is always going to be controversy about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of arming people to solve a problem such as mass shootings but a few facts might help.

Untrained civilians often end up shooting the wrong person. The foremost authority in our country, the FBI, clearly states and instructs that people with guns should be better trained then what is required by most concealed gun carry courses given prior to the issuance of said permit. Many, if not most, mass shootings occur in places that do not permit the carrying of guns on their premises (schools, human services agencies, churches, etc.) and thereby are not subject to being defended by anyone other then the police or, in some cases, the security personnel of the facility. Brandishing a gun in a movie theater in response to an active or allegedly active gunman is paramount to yelling “fire” in a dark room filled with people who are already not able to see well.

All of these issues are not realistically addressed by people being able to open fire at will on real or perceived threat. The true issue is the proliferation of these events in the first place and how that can be prevented. Twenty people in a movie theater being able to pull a gun and start shooting is not a citizen’s right to bear arms, it is the recipe for a massacre. The amount of disturbed people who are able to get their hands on weapons of the assault family of guns is the issue and it is incomprehensible that there is no way to prevent or reduce this.

It is not a function of anyone “coming to get my gun” as much as it is why are you so convinced that you are the best person to prevent a shooting unless you have had police or armed forces training? Wayne La Pierre does not have your well-being at heart, and the denial of your constitutional rights is not in jeopardy if you submit to a background check that will prove you a reasonable law abiding citizen instead of a mentally ill zealot with psychotic predispositions. Wayne LaPierre wants to keep his 1,000,000 a year salary and will falsify and confuse the issue with sound bites and abstract aphorisms all day long.

A moment, if you please, about the other side of the coin which is the victims of these shootings that might deny us our right to bear arms just because they occurred. The children in the schools, or the teachers who throw themselves in the path of bullets fired. The families of those who die in these atrocities and have to live with the loss of treasured love ones. What about the general public who now is too afraid of even walking out of their houses for fear of being shot and killed by someone who is upset, unbalanced, unhinged, and unreasonably unsettled but exercising their right to bear arms?

It is the fault of the news media, the misrepresentations of people like Wayne LaPierre, and the misinterpretation of our society’s founding document that has created this horror. It is not a launching pad for some bleeding heart liberal agenda. It is the battered and bloody bodies of shot or dead citizens of the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. It is the denial of this society to deal with an attack on our land because they are afraid that if something reasonable is done then they will lose the right to take another human life whenever the bloody hell they please!