“The liar’s punishment is not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.” George Bernard Shaw

Listening to our President speak on the issue of guns and the regulation thereof, it is particularly egregious to know or believe that his emotion is, yet again, the fodder of racist Republican reprobates. Moved to tears not at the long list of atrocities committed by mass shooters but by the memory of “first graders” being killed in what should be the safest of environments. It is not the first time a politician has wept on live television, but this time it is being perverted into yet another avenue for the ill-mannered and traitorous right wing of America in order to denigrate the duly elected President of the United States.

In his speech he cited numerous other government and business leaders, quite a few Republican who have for over the last thirty years cried for the reasonable regulation of guns, and the fact that most gun owners also favor regulations. His belief, based in experience and not partisanship, is that in spite of what the American people wish, Republicans are going to deny them this simple right to feel safe. He listed the constitutional rights that have been violated by the mass shooters and the list encompassed all of society. The worst, an possibly the vilest part of this issue, is that these Constitutional Rights will be denied based on lies, innuendo, and outright criminal treason on the parts of his detractors.

So whose fault is it? We are all guilty. We have become numb to the situation and have accepted that we live in the most violent nation on earth. We have the capability and the technology to greatly reduce this problem and refuse to by our inaction. We have the ability to police ourselves on a personal basis but we choose not to, leaving the responsibility to those who vilify the situation on national television. And we believe it all because it is on television.

It would be simple to place the blame on the black guy on the television or the fat guy on the radio, but that is just wrong. We live in a world that we must occupy with other people and it is our duty to see to the well-being of our fellow man. A premise of every major religion in the world whether there is a deity associated with it or not. We have to do something about this! We must!

That action is where we differ and also the address of import. There are real concerns for safety and the politicizing of the issue because of an upcoming election is horrific and abominable. Why not just try to come together and accept that we do, in fact, have first the responsibility and then the ability to make changes. A hunter knows when deer season is going to happen and acts accordingly. He/she prepares for the hunt with a plan on how it is going to occur and what equipment and supplies are needed to make the outcome a successful one. This includes what weapon is to be used and the ensuring that the chosen firearm is legal and within there purview to own and use. Hunting is not an “all of a sudden” activity.

Home protection is also not a happenstance deed. If a citizen feels need of the protective qualities of a firearm then the reasonable method is to investigate what type of weapon is best, obtain that weapon, and ensure that all in the home who might have occasion to use said gun know how to use it safely. Additional time should be spent to learn when it is appropriate to use that instrument in the defense of their loved ones or home.

That takes care of the “rational” and legal rights, regulations, and reasons for owning a weapon. Now let us talk about the cries of the unreasonable. Those individuals who, barring any sense of sanity who think there is an invasion about to be perpetrated by the duly appointed government, a large religion, or a bunch of Mexicans swimming the Rio Grande river. Those “enlightened” creatures who interpret the Second Amendment to mean that by virtue of the fact that they scored 987,912,576,281,384,877,465 on “Black Ops – Aren’t I a Badass” they are entitled and compelled to own a machine gun. Well, to be truthful that would properly be called an “Assault Weapon.” These weapons, actually war weapons converted to fire only semi-automatically, are really just machine guns for the “enlightened creatures” who wish to display them while they are purchasing a breakfast sandwich alongside a First Grader in search of a Happy Meal. Another truth is that most semi-automatic assault weapons are frighteningly simple to convert back to full auto with a little knowledge and a heavy duty diamond strength file. Many don’t because having to continually pull the trigger gives them that “Black Ops – Aren’t I a Badass” feel to the whole process.

Mass shooters do not use revolvers or single shot rifles. They mostly use semi-automatic weapons with large capacity magazines. Just like the brave soldiers who fight our wars. The difference is that soldiers are bound by an oath of allegiance and the shooter might only be following the user agreement of “Black Ops – Aren’t I a Badass” or some equally irrational and inane misinterpreted scriptural reference of some holy book. Or they might be out of medication. Or they might not even have medication and are disturbed and no one knows it. Or any number of reasons that would be less dangerous if semi-automatic weapons were much more difficult to obtain. Taking them off the market and leaving them in the hands of those appointed to wage war for us is a start. A reasonable mind knows that it will never be completely stopped. Not in a democratic nation. But we might just not have one every freaking day.