“I believe I am right. Or, if not right, at least plausible.” Ignatius Donnelly

There is a subset of a subset of a subset within the culture of the world that is of particular interest, or should be. We, in America, seem to have this subset both proliferate and, prospering. This is a prolific procreation producing offspring of a garrulous genus. This minute segment of our society is what is termed by Charles P. Pierce as the “American Crank.”

In his treatise “Idiot America –How Stupidity Became a Virtue in America” Mr. Pierce explains, most eloquently, on the emerging fact that the “greatest country in history” has become the “not so greatest country in history” by listening to a select few who have infected us with a malady. This malady is rampant; it is a full on, looking for a cure, disease which has necessitated this discourse you are reading. It can be, with obvious fault, christened Idiotitis or Stupid Syndrome or Moronophilia, or even fatuous gestionis. All of which caused by the philosophies, thought and dreams of folks who have decided to accentuate the absurd, or outright make stuff up in order to garner fame…or wealth.

This works well in the age of satellite and cable television. The Internet has exponentially multiplied the amount of people who listen to these snake oil salesmen through unbridled access as well as volume by decibel. Mr. Pierce’s third Great Premise of Idiot America rings eternally true – “Anything can be true if someone says it loudly enough.”

Test this premise for yourself. Pick a group of people you are acquainted with, preferably a diverse section of the political spectrum and dispute something that one or more of them believe. Try to pick something they believe vehemently and would “defend with their last breath.” Make small dissenting observations that disprove what they preach and see if the volume of their voices increases. If so, make an even more cogent observation and see how it progresses. If what you get is a yelling, screaming squabble where reason is lacking and rhetoric abounds (regardless of veracity) you can accurately suppose that some or all of their beliefs are driven by one or more genuine American Crank.

If the volume does not increase, and everyone retains a modicum of affability…sit and have a constructive conversation about the affairs of the “greatest country in history.”

As to the Big Pink American Crank in the room, it is up to each of us, as citizens of this “greatest country in history” to find our particular Crank, or True Patriot. The Cranks which make up one side of the political spectrum, the Republican Party, are not lacking in a numbers. Actually it might be a misnomer to call it a party. Given the propensity for the exclusion of anyone who is not rich or disagrees with a platform of demonizing poor people, might it not better be called something more accurate; cabal, sect, gang, or league of evil?

The demonization of immigrants in contradiction of the actuality that we live in a country made up of émigrés, as well as the racism perpetrated against religions other than what is erroneously termed the state religion of America, Christianity, is paramount to treason. It is of some humor that the backings of most of these cranks are those who believe that religions such as Islam are bad, but only those Moslems who, say, rule the larger petroleum nations outside America. Where would the Republican Party be today if not for the House of Saud? Where would Fox News be without its owner Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of that same house?

Many of these Cranks have called for the exclusion of immigrants with calls for walls on borders or the closing of religious venues. At the same time these wondrously wise (sic) men universally neglect to inform the public of who has been paying them and sending them on prostitute/drug fueled vacations to the point that the Crank must continue to be a Crank out of fear of prosecution. Or so you should think.

It seems that xenophobia does not include rich foreigners that purchase the political perpetrators for their treason. Another place would include word upon word detailing these infractions but then, some Crank with the proper viewer demographic or a large enough Nielsen rating, but not here. The advantage of a free press, or rather, a free internet blog is that you can be just as disingenuous or fact ignoring as you wish. Except this is not the case. What is written here is certainty, but those same folks who can sit and have a constructive conversation about the affairs of the “greatest country in history” are free to discover this without the aid of some Crank or anyone else.

Perhaps it is the ideal that we get to choose our friends that allows for the hypocrisy, insincerity, and duplicity of the American Crank. They shout to the heavens to deny entry, imprison in contradiction of established law, and do so all in the name of “Murica.” Their platform is the very same architecture used seventy years ago when a certain group of European Cranks came up with something called “The Final Solution.”

Well hold on there, you say. That cannot happen! After all this is “Murica!” well it most certainly can happen. It not only has, but it is occurring as we speak. There were sixty seven locations in the United States that were, essentially, concentration camps from 1941 to 1945. One hundred and twenty thousand (120,000) American Citizens were imprisoned because of the shape of their eyes during WWII. The Guantanamo Bay detention camp, remains open and operating because of the American Crank in all his/her disillusioned beliefs refuse to call it what it is, or allow the President to shut it down.

So what’s it going to be? Reinstate National Socialism, or quietly sit and have a constructive conversation about the affairs of the “greatest country in history?