“Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.”

P. J. O’Rourke

There is a malady in America today. It is not something that can be treated in the conventional manner. You cannot go to your HMO or PPO appointed Primary Care doctor and, after an unreasonable wait time in the lobby, obtain a diagnoses and resulting course of treatment or pharmaceutical prescription. You cannot search the internet for a holistic alternative with success. You cannot sit in a Native American sweat lodge and find relief. You cannot take some home remedy your Me Maw made. You cannot go to Switzerland for an experimental procedure to find relief. All you can do is sit, stand, walk, run, drive, fly, or ride a bus to anywhere that it will relieve your pain. All you can do is hurt.

This malaise is not a medical condition. It is not an emotional condition. It is not treatable with psychotropic medication or fifty minute sessions with a licensed mental health professional. It is a suffering that is ongoing and relentless in the discomfort, agony, and twinging torture it inflicts on everyone not vigilant against the threat. It is the syndrome of stupidity and the inanity of idiocy. It is the assertion that intelligence and information are not reason enough to act in a responsible manner when we vote.

Yogic principles going beyond the health paradigm teach a spiritual, philosophical, self-searching practice to discover one’s self or the knowledge of one’s purpose or direction. The idea of the yokel is the relaxing of knowledge and self-awareness and the belief of a coveted certainty that a simpler life is best. The first opposes the second but when put together there is a new beast. It is a creature of conscious unconsciousness and the beginning of a flock of intellectual and political sheep.

It is not the Yogic Yokel who is completely at fault. It is not those who search for the simplicity of days gone by. It is the contention that something is wrong when it might just be misunderstood. It is the “Plain Talking” candidate that is not really talking all that plain, or the reality that they conceal the more negative sides of their personality. It is the refusal to admit to an enhanced savoir-faire where it comes to the media. Take the current man of the orange hair and cheap toupee. He has many years of working the media. He has declared bankruptcy several times. It is the billionaire part that people grab ahold of and not that fact that he used the bankruptcy laws to his advantage to get out of paying his bills. The Yogic Yokel appears to find comfort in the lies of those who in the 19th Century would have been hawking their wares in an open faced tent in a carnival or off the back of a wagon. Snake Oil sells as long as no one knows what the actual ingredients are.

It is, on another level, the Yogic Yokels fault in that he/she takes the easy way out and refuses to do any significant amount of investigation or inquiry into matters that are important. It is the Yogic Yokels fault that allows the Republican Party to commit crimes and treason and write it off as “just the way things get done.” It is the acceptance that the 1% is nothing more than an aristocracy that is continuing the stated purpose of any aristocracy; to keep the common folk, the yokels, in their place and subjugated to their capitalist regime.

The addition of a yogic archetype where spiritual, philosophical, and wellness is allowed to be considered an inside job is, in fact, when the introspection is direction by the panderer on the television screen or at the town hall meeting where they are serving chicken wings with bleu cheese dressing and throwing  non-Christians out for dressing funny. It is the directed meditation of the masses. It is the hypnotist at the magic show in Vegas who is really a grifter. It is the antithesis of intellect and the embracement of entropy. It may well be the first chapter in the book of the millennium; “The Decline and Fall of the American Empire”

Let us skip forward a few hundred years…maybe half a millennium. Let us say that is to 2516. The Federation of Planets has not been realized yet, but there is a loosely based confederation of alien worlds tossing about outer space in search of intelligent life. Will they find anything here on Earth? Will they even be able to see the land for the things we allowed to be spewed in the stratosphere in the 20th and 21st Centuries? Are they going to just cruise on by marking it a place lacking intelligent…anything?

Or are they going to find a lush planet that took charge and decimated a vile, odious, and horrendous species whose apathy and lassitude nearly destroyed the planet? Are they going to find a race of simians that had evolved into a civilization that nurtured and respected the world they lived in while embracing all within their environment? Or will they find archeological ruins and deserts and wasteland populated by ugly mutated cannibals feasting on one another? Like something out of some science fiction short story collection. We cannot foretell the future and perhaps should try. Jules Verne predicted someone would go to the moon. Da Vinci designed tanks and helicopters which are now centerpieces in defense and offense and used by the armies all over the world. Nostradamus predicted the death of JFK. Why not we take a look into the future and see if our Yokelishness is something we wish to leave as a legacy.

Why not send the Snake Oil contingent and the Yogic Yokels to space to greet them.