This is a starting of sorts. It is a re-imagining of an ideal that has been fashioning itself since 2010. I have completed the requirements of the blog that was formerly at this location and have decided to go in a different direction…while journeying along the same path.

I have used this blog in its former incarnation as a sounding board for my political views and set for myself a stiff set of requirements as to what I would write and how I would write it. I restricted earlier posts to 1000 words and all prose had to be in the second person. Each post had to have an underlying theme and it was up to the reader to establish that theme. Posts were founded on the objective of navigating the alphabet and that all titles would be alliterative. That has been accomplished and it is time to move on.

The new incarnation of this blog has no rules.

Readers of mine who have encountered me is any of a number of web presences will attest to the reality that I am as left leaning as can be without falling completely on my ass. It was told me by one of my university professor that I am liberal to the point of incarceration, if justice worked the way it should. That is not to say that I am criminal in my political beliefs as I do not commit crimes except a generous disobedience of Strunk and White’s “Element of Style.”

I am passionate on those things in this life I find important, and even more vehement in my critique of those that I find atrocious. Love and peace are the optimal with apathy and cruelty being those things I dispute with the utmost intensity. Injustice enrages me and justice is what I wish to champion. Racism is an abomination and prejudice is nauseating.

I believe in the lessons of Jesus Christ who I believe is God. I reject religion as an institution that has generously denied the teachings of my God. History has attested to the veracity of this belief. I embrace those who generously apply the commandments of my God as he ordained in the New Testament. I also believe in the principles of other spiritual practices because it is my personal conviction that wisdom is universal no matter how it might be interpreted.

I feel that in many things I am correct, and I also acknowledge that imperfection is an integral part of life.

I am an active and zealous member of a Twelve Step Program. Reference the word “Anonymous” for further clarification.

My posting on this site is open to comment but if you disagree with me…that is your problem. There is a blocking feature that will be used.

I wish you all well, and I hope you enjoy what you read.